The making of wooden handscrews Part 2

Unfortunately the pipe container I made has not worked out as I expected it to work, the oil leaked out in very small quantities creating a pool around the seals, if not checked daily would of caused a complete havoc in the shop. I tried pasting it with a product called “need it” it’s a Plasticine that hardens rock solid within 20 mins but that didn’t work either so my wonderful wife was kind enough to give me one of her containers which I looked everywhere for and ditched the pipe in the bin.


You know the old saying “keep it simple stupid” here is a bottle not more than $3.00 the pipes including the glue cost me $42.00 plus the extra purchase of need it another $17 so I blew $50 which in the end ended up in the bin. No wonder plumbers are making a killing out there!

Now for some exciting news, I haven’t actually begun the project yet, yes I know that’s not exciting but for good reason. I’m currently experimenting with pine to turn a screw, but we all know that turning softwood will result in unsightly chip out. I’ve left one rod that I turned in BLO for a day and a half and well you be the judge is that good or is that good.


not a single chip out anywhere but let’s call it luck so I’m doing it again but this time I’m going to leave it in there probably 2 or 3 days to really soften it up, I will also leave the BLO to serve as a lubrication when threading. If this works again which I’m hopeful it will I will have dispersed the idea that softwoods cannot be threaded.

I promise that I will start this project very soon as these handscrews are very handy to have and most probably I will be making them out of Queensland Walnut.

There are so many projects I have in mind to do this blog I hope will serve as a benefit to many woodies out there. Posts will be made regularly and so on. I also intend on making a decent new workbench with a tail vice so stay tuned for that as well.

So bare with me as I’m new to blogging and so forth, I’ve never done this online thing before I’ve always been pretty much in the shadows working away completely oblivious to world around me but the time has come to step out of the shadows and share my journey with you as it’s a long one but most enjoyable working with wood


4 thoughts on “The making of wooden handscrews Part 2

  1. “keep it simple stupid” LOL
    Once I tried to make it in pine and the and the threads are still holding it. (I used a machine bolt 22mm I believe, but the matching wooden screw made with the nut … no success)

    Great work


  2. Simplicity is the key to success but we get over zealous and love to over complicate things, I’m hoping it wasn’t sheer luck with those threads. I’ll let them be for a couple of days to really soak up in the oil, if the threads bust up I’ll do one more experiment and let them soak for 3 days I think that’s plenty of time. Hardwoods for thread making are the best option and one should let it soak overnight before threading but let’s see how this pine works out and if everyone is right or wrong.


  3. I do plan on starting the build tomorrow morning if all goes well, I have been very busy with finishing off the Christmas orders and developing my site
    which meant staying up many, many sleepless nights. The good news is the website is 90% finished I just need to start populating it with products During the build I asked myself do I really need a website at all, i have been operating for the last 17 years on word of mouth alone. I guess we have to move with the times if we really want to get a head in life or just pay the bills is more the reality of it all.

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