The making of a small wooden hammer

This hammer would come in handy for light work like tapping the wedge in your moulding plane or releasing the blade from your moulding plane so as not to mar the surface.  Some say a rounded metal Japanese hammer works well on moulding planes without marring the surface.

This is a neat little project that covers many important aspects of woodworking from planning square and true S4S meaning on all six sides that are thicknessed equally to each other, the wedged mortise and tenon and this could be round tenon or square the choice is yours and finally the shaping of the handle.  You will develop strong skills in the use of a fret saw, absolutely the bandsaw would be faster and if you haven’t developed the hand tool skill of controlling the fretsaw you would do a better job using the bandsaw but the point of this exercise is to develop hand tool skills.


To efficiently and accurately with hand tools is the greatest skill you can acquire and is the goal and desire of every hand tool woodworker out there.


I must reiterate here that using a bandsaw for shaping doesn’t take you out of the realms of hand work even though you are on the fine border of crossing over to machine work it still falls under the category of hand work just like the use of a lathe.  Some say if there is a current running through it’s not hand work I couldn’t disagree more.

Here’s a great tip just to end the subject of what’s hand work and what’s not.  Sometimes finding the grain’s direction by eye alone is a difficult one so I find it useful by relying on my finger tips.  As finger tips are sensitive you can feel the grain direction.


So the materials you’ll need isn’t much at all you want to use hardwood even though softwood like pine would suffice as this hammer isn’t meant to go through much abuse it’s still better to be on the safe side and remain with hardwood.

Refer to the plan made available for dimensions.

The video I have made isn’t a how to guide where I am explaining everything as I go along this won’t happen for sometime but it is a video of how I work and you definitely could use it as a guide to assist you in your making.

This is a first for me to make videos and I have some learning and improving to do in the video making scene like woodworking the more you do it the better you get at it and that’s my intention to make a lot more videos so you too can benefit from what I’ve learned throughout my years of working wood.  Our responsibilities as human beings is not to hoard our wealth of knowledge but to share it with others so future generations can benefit from the knowledge God has bestowed upon us.

I haven’t forgotten about those hand screws they are on my mind constantly and I will get to it one of these days.

Almost forgot here is the link to download the pdf of the plan I drew up for this hammer.  The head I made 7/8″ square but I found that 1″ would be a better choice.  I hadn’t bothered changing that dimension in the plan so I’m giving you a heads up on it now. Cheers and stay tuned for further videos on this project.  Also please subscribe to my youtube channel and click the like button if you like it.

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