Small Wooden Hammer – Part 4

Welcome to part 4 in the making of this wooden hammer, we are only one part away from completing this project.

I can’t think of anything more pleasurable than working wood what an amazing craft this is and the crazy part is, even if I didn’t earn a dime from this no that’s not the Aussie dollar but it’s worth a lot more than our dollar I would still be working wood.  Yep a labour of love this is, so let’s get on with it shall we.

The first thing we do after the initial boring of the mortise hole is to chisel the mortise walls to the line.  Take care when doing this so you don’t blow out the back end by chiselling all the way through.  You would always chisel only half way through and then flip the piece and chisel again meeting in the centre.  Also make sure you never start on your knife but slowly work towards it.  The issue with starting on the knife line is the chisel will compress the fibres and push the chisel beyond over the line into the show piece.  This is why I always slowly pare away working closer every time to that knife wall.


Once all four sides are complete take out any humps by gently paring them down.


Once I was satisfied with the mortise and checked the fit I moved on to sawing the kerfs for the wedges.


I don’t saw all the way to the bottom but at least ¾ down.  You want to start the kerf square just like you would when making a dovetail or any other sawing operation.  Remember this is the show piece so I’m very conscientious of that.

Next I take a measurement off the tenon itself that’s more accurate than actually measuring it with a ruler.


With all that done I then proceed to rip those wedges, I make sure to stay a little above the line so I can later plane down to the line.


This is also a critical procedure; I don’t want the wedge to be wider or narrower than the tenon

Remember to take it easy, never rush your work even if you have a deadline to meet, it’s easy to stuff up but hard to correct so do yourself a favour and enjoy the process.


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