Saw Sharpening Unedited

I was working away when I realised my saw is slightly under performing and this is due to the type of timber I’m using right now which is structural pine because I’m currently making a mock up and am trying out different things.  I started sharpening my saw which isn’t very old less than a year which I had specifically made for me by Bob Rozaieski.  It’s 18″ long rip configuration 9tpi based on a Disston 1850 model.  It’s entirely handmade and what beautiful work Bob has done.

Being only less than a year old the average home user wouldn’t have to sharpen it for a few years but since I use my tools everyday on all different types of timbers some full of silica and some not and this structural pine which is all gummy when you saw into it but works ok for mock ups which I have to thank Greg as I pinched this idea from him so thanks Greg.

As the title reads unedited as I wanted to show you just how fast the sharpening process is.  As I started the sharpening process and already was half way through it was the moment it came to me to setup the camera to make the video.  So just add 2 mins if that to the 7 mins it actually took.  There was no need to joint the teeth nor to do several passes, I only did one stroke to each tooth as it only needed a touch up,  I also did not need to set the teeth.  That’s one very important aspect to know that you do not need to set the teeth after every sharpening.  You do when you build a saw from scratch and 6-7 sharpening there after or depending on how aggressive your sharpening was.  In most cases a light pass is more than sufficient, the quicker you get through it the quicker you’ll get back to work.

One final note it isn’t necessary to know the rake and fleam angle either which in this case I didn’t and neither did Bob remember.  A simple method of finding what the angle is by placing your file on the tooth and let it seat itself as you’ll see me doing in the video.  I didn’t do it  with any intent for demonstration purposes but I just do it naturally which I realised that I did in the video and was a good point to bring up in case you missed it.

I hope the background music isn’t annoying to you as I’m a fan of jazz, like I said this is unedited just me working away.


6 thoughts on “Saw Sharpening Unedited

  1. I’m very selective about jazz songs!
    I prefer your daughter’s song 🙂 😛
    Make her homework be to compose and play songs for the videos!


  2. I have one like her as well – my youngest step daughter.
    2 years ago I almost “fixed” a guitar (acoustic one) for her. It was getting the trash can, I re polish it, replace the tuners, strings. After some use the bridge got of and then I saw it was made of cheap plywood. lol
    She’s saving for a proper one!
    I’m working on a design to make a proper wooden piano (electronic one) stand for her birthday. She loves to play.
    I’ll send you scans of the plans when I’m done.


  3. Another good video. I think folks attach way too much mystery to sharpening saws. Your video goes a long way to show that it’s just another part of woodworking. Nice touch with the jazz music. It helps to give the whole process a laid back feel.

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  4. Cheers Greg I try my utmost to create a laid back atmosphere as I cannot afford mistakes, the price of timber has increased by 300% in last two years. And your spot on it is just another part of woodworking. Btw that structural pine I’m using will be the death of me.


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