No rust on my tools

I got an email from a reader in Saudi Arabia asking me how do I keep rust of my tools.   Thanks for the question Ahmad and I’m happy to see that hand tool woodworking revival has reached as far as the middle east.

I remember doing a post on this some time back but I’m happy to do it again as keeping rust off your tools is a never ending process especially in humid conditions like the middle east and in my home town Queensland, Gold Coast

The best solution I have found to date is the renaissance paste wax.  I only need to coat my tools once every two months.



The micro crystallines forms a microscopic barrier that protects the metal from rusting by not allowing the moisture in the air and in dust particles from making contact with the metal.  Renaissance claims to do wonders on woods but I didn’t find that to be the case, certain factory finishes came out ok but Ebeaut Traditional paste wax does a fantastic job as a paste wax that really brings out the shine on finishes, it isn’t a glossy look but more of a high buffed look if you know what I’m referring to.

Renaissance works well on leather as well, but that is key in a nutshell in keeping the rust off my tools, just clean them regularly if you have any surface rust lightly abrade it, wipe down everything and apply this wax and buff it off.  I paid $40 for 200 ml and it’s 3/4 full and just over a year old, you only apply a thin coat.  Make sure you keep the lid shut so it doesn’t dry out even in between applications.

Oh almost forgot it doesn’t affect any finishes either so it is completely safe to use on your tools.

I have one final tip on long term storage which works really well for upto a year and possibly longer, good old fashioned boiled linseed oil.  Just apply a thick coat and don’t wipe it off but let it dry on the tool.  It will harden to a thick film and look quite disgusting but it will keep your tools in a pristine condition for a very long time.  So in case you work overseas for months on end this is a good alternative to have your tools remain in the same condition you left it.  To get it off just use denatured alcohol or turps you may have to use some elbow grease to get it off but better than having your tools covered in rust.

Hope this helps.




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