Tip of the month!

If you can afford a dehumidifier I would install one not sure what the electricity costs would be but changes in outside temperatures would affect your timbers moisture levels.

Now for the real tip and this is awesome.  You have a tall chest of drawers and you bring it into the house the next day the sides have bowed.  This isn’t a regular occurrence in case your wondering but it can happen if your workshop is a cold damp environment and you expose your project to an in house dry environment where the dry air circulation wasn’t equalised on the inside of the cabinet.

You may think your project is ruined but is it, simply remove the drawers and back if you can and grab some newspapers and soak them in water.  Somehow place them on the sides of the pieces that are bowed and keep repeating this until the bow is gone and the panels return to flat again.

This I got form an old woodworking magazine a great tip from the 70’s.


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