Fixing New Saws

As a general rule, new crosscut hand saws are not sharpened
properly . The trouble appears to be the result oHorming and
sharpening the teeth by machine, after which the teeth are
set . As these saws are sold, they feel sharp enough but they
don’t  t as well as they should and they tend to wander.

One can tell about this by looking along the teeth.

They should look like A , but they almost always look like B .


Sharpening a new saw to correct this is easy. It is well worth the trouble. Any set of accepted directions will do, just ignore those for levelling the teeth and resetting them.

Neither is necessary. The only trick is to make sure the teeth are at equal depth. Even, the saw cuts straight with no problem . Uneven, it wanders and cannot be held true. Count the file strokes for each tooth and don’t try to make each tooth perfect the first time. Give each, say five firm but not heavy strokes. Then, when all teeth are done, check the saw. If one needs more, they’ll all need it.  Carry on with the same number of strokes per tooth, maybe two or three if you’re close, until they’ re all alike.  You don’t need a saw vise or some other special tool. You do need a thinner file than you think . A couple of pieces of
heavy wood or plywood on both sides of the blade, the edges just below the teeth, and the whole put in any vise, will do and you’ll never again have to say you can’t saw a straight
line. Amazing how much time you can save using a hand saw, especially if you have a good setup table to use for the purpose instead of your fancy cabinetmaker’s bench, one with an
overhanging top so you can clamp a piece along the side of the table if you need to.


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