Stanley No.79

I’ve been on the hunt for this plane for the last 6 months, I couldn’t make up my mind did I want a Record or a Stanley.  I pondered on it a lot in the last week which one I should I concentrate on finding and settled on the Stanley.  My reasons were simple the blades overlapped on the record which didn’t appeal to me and that’s about it.  I’ve never had either to compare them to each other so I just made a judgement call.  It’s amazing how little things like that can sway you in either direction.  $_57

It took a while before I found one that was good condition, there aren’t that many on the market and they were all basically priced the same.  One eBay seller called a rust bucket “mint condition”  this astonishes me just how clueless many of them are or maybe just deceptive.

The price on this was US$113 and originally he had an over inflated postage fee of US$47, so I wrote to him and expressed my dilemma with this.  To my surprise he responded by adding USPS for US$23.00.  Well the whole thing cost me with the currency conversion and added fees by my credit card company to about $152.00.  That’s not pocket change but I need it so I bought it.  I can’t say how many times I wish I had one, Veritas and Lie Nielson sell them but the price is above my own pay grade and I will be doing a blog on this subject in the very near future.  I intend on stirring the hornets nest which deserves to be stirred as it’s getting out of hand making many of their tools out of reach to general woodworker.


Just to recap a little on the postage fees, now I know being in business myself the postage fees on many items that I ship regularly.  My clocks out weigh many of the hand tools on the market yet I charge actual shipping fees which are much lower than what 99% of these websites charge.  I also know that one can make a hefty profit on shipping fees as you are given the freedom by the post office to set whatever price you want.  I personally find this rude and deceptive, it’s not the kind of business I myself practice nor ever will.  I feel humbled when someone finds my clock or clocks to be good enough for them to purchase. No one is obliged to buy anything and these people feel that they should over charge on shipping fees to cover their cost which is only their time to drive 10 mins up the road to their local post office.  Many of them don’t even drive there it’s picked up so all they did was spend 5 mins to package the item and place it on their shelves.  I feel this is wrong, I know it’s business but what’s wrong is wrong.  To me there is no justification for it, you can charge for the box and bubble wrap you purchased that’s all good but if the shipping fee is $17.20 and you charge $40 well you know what I’m saying.

Lol I know what my wife’s going to say “hmm your spending money on tools again.” lol when she spends $60.00 on a manicure I never say anything nor do I understand why.



3 thoughts on “Stanley No.79

  1. Congrats on finding the plane that you wanted. I’ll be looking for your thoughts on its use. There has been several times in the past where I think this tool would have been handy to have.


    1. Thanks Greg and the best part of this story is this plane seems to have never been used. A tell tale sign is it’s cleanliness, the original machine marks are left in tact and the blade length. Notice the corners are touching that’s the full length of the blade factory standards. I am very lucky with this.


  2. That’s the problem with doing manicure with a rasp and a file????
    When things are worst I just use the grinder on the kids toes nails…
    Just kidding, there’s 3 lady’s in the house so varnish nails or a new set of drill bits the choice is done even before I ask it…
    Salko I wish you worn that blade out completely!

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