New up coming video!

I did promise to make a clock video on my next order  but who would of thought it would be the same one Paul did.  I never got an order for this one before and in case your wondering I did ask if I could sell them and he said yes.  The Arabic writing is the name of the person this clock is going out too there are 7 in total and I haven’t faintest what it say’s.   The original calligraphy was hand done and I redrew it in autocad t make scrollable.

The timber I used is New Guinean Rosewood with plenty of reversing grain, unfortunately on one of the beads I wasn’t paying attention to the direction of the grain tore on me pretty badly.  There was nothing I could do to fix it, it is one of those you have to look for to spot it though.

Obviously this clock is in clamps drying but once the finish goes on, it will look rather nice.  I’ll start the editing process tonight so I’ll upload asap, I suppose it won’t be much interesting to watch if you’ve already seen Paul’s video but heck how I was supposed to know it was going to be this clock.

clock_1The scroll work on the sides was very time consuming, it took me 3 or 4 hours to complete as they are so tiny, I also broke many blades in the process.  Choosing the right blade for scrolling is a must and finding that blade on the market is next to impossible.  No two blades of the same mark (2/0) are the same.  To do very detailed work you need a blade thickness of .008-.0010″ a  1/0 will work but will break and so will the 2/0.  You have blades that have reversing teeth to give you a splinter free cut but not many of these types of blades are available in the sizes I need.  Germany produces the best blades in the world but finding a reseller for the right blade is also difficult.  So every blade is worth it’s weight in gold.  The scrollsaw I use is an Excalibur 30″ model, I have had saw upgraded that many times to make it a high quality saw that I couldn’t even tell you what I actually did to it.  I’ve been fortunate that a friend of mine who worked in the machine shop did all the upgrades for me.  When they first released this model it was really crappy and those that didn’t do the upgrades are most probably frustrated with it unless of course they use it once in a while which then it will work fine but for industrial use you definitely need to change the  parts in it.  Also constant calibration is needed on any scrollsaw especially when changing out to different blade thicknesses.  The calibration is to minimalise  the vibration in the blade.

Well I sincerely hope you do watch these videos I make and you get benefit from them.  Stay tuned for the first release.

4 thoughts on “New up coming video!

  1. That calligraphy is very beautiful but hard to do….
    I have a gift box in my mind, and made some experiences but with no success, yet…. It supposed to have some kind of inlay/or (now that I saw it) some stolen idea from my aussie friend 😛
    oh, I forgot, the names for the box are in Arab and Hindu letters :O


  2. I would like very much to know calligraphy my God I want to know everything about everything I am so hungry for knowledge I just can’t stop. Inlays are beautiful works of art but also extremely time consuming but I have been thinking about inlaying some clocks. What I also want to do is marquetry and that is something I actually need to learn. I figured so far I work I between 12 -14 hrs a day, if I cut my work down to 10 hours and devote the next 2 -4 hours of learning new techniques within a year I will have many new skills under my belt.

    Btw post that box with the writing I’m very curious as to what it looks like.


    1. At the moment the box its just inside my head and some sketches.
      I’ll will post some pictures when I’m working on it!


  3. Definitely I’m looking forward to that, I too have started making boxes but none have moved from the mock up stage. I’m finding it very difficult to hold down small pieces for grooving and other applications, This has also prompted me in making a new workbench which I have been talking about for the last year! I’m finding it difficult to settle on a bench that I would like. One things for sure it’s going to have to be big, nice and long which means moving alot of stuff around to make it fit within my work space. Of and definitely I want a tail vice, I’ve worked so long without one and I’ve always craved to have one so I will put one in, but for now I have to make a new batch of shellac and I’ve ordered more OBG and it’s 9:30pm and I’m still at it. I love what I do and I can never get enough of it.

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