Mass Production with Hand Tools

This video will give an insight of what it may have been like in a successful factory like workshop hundreds of years ago, in fact in my own workshop and being a one man shop I work much in the manner as you will see in this video.   The chinese have always been known throughout history as revered craftsman it is only of late since the western corporations have moved in has the quality dropped, but I have to say you get what you pay for which was no different back in the 18th century.  BLO was the cheapest form of finish while varnish was the most expensive so they too would work according to what you the consumer could afford.

We as individuals who do not have a hefty pay packet are excused but major corporations around the globe do not.  They can afford to pay for higher quality products but they choose higher and higher profits over quality and so the Chinese no fault of their own have taken the rap for poor workmanship over the greed of others. Atleast this company still enforces hand tool work only and clearly proves of what I have said for all these years that it is economically feasible to operate a hand tool only workshop and economically viable as well.  I would rather employ ten workers and share the profits with them than employ a single machine and deny work to 10 potential craftsman.  This is one major reason besides senseless wars why the world is in an economic rut.



3 thoughts on “Mass Production with Hand Tools

  1. This is a great video Salko! Lots of skill and lots of speed. I think you are correct in that this is probably what a shop before the industrial revolution would have been like. I can’t help but wonder at their training process. The video mentions that there are around 200 people working in this factory, they didn’t hire folks with those skills straight off of the street. I have seen a few other videos demonstrating these types of hand skills out of Chineses factories. Whatever their training system is, it sure as hell works.

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  2. I agree but I don’t think they all have that skill sets of a craftsman, I believe there is a handful of craftsmen working in there but I believe the rest are treated either much like apprentices or just taught one aspect of the craft much like typical factory production labourer is taught. The rest is just repetition which they master in a short amount of time. Imagine all you did for the next 6 months is carve rosettes within a month your speed would increase by the 6 month you would pump them out the door faster than a cnc could rout it out.


  3. This is another very interesting video about the craft and industry.
    However… my 1st thoughts were about moving factories and jobs to the next cheapest country over and over. And every time that happens local economies collapse…
    Thanks Salko


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