Amara Rose Part 8

In this video I am dimensioning the panel to fit and then finishing off with some scroll work both to the panel and stiles.  This is the second last video of this clock

4 thoughts on “Amara Rose Part 8

    1. Thank you Greg, I find scrolling to be therapeutic many of my woodworking friends shutter or shudder not sure what is correct word at the idea of scrolling so many intricate parts. The benefit of a scroll saw is the ease of use you have over a fretsaw and not to forget the smooth finish it leaves behind none of which is possible with a fretsaw oh almost forgot this timber I was scrolling is 7/8″ thick again it would not be possible to do without breakage using a fretsaw. Fretsaws excel on very thin stock but are limited to the length of these timbers. Also having a large 30″ table certainly does help but even a larger table on some clocks are better but as always when ones limited there is a work around but the risks of mucking it up during the cut is greatly increased. Patience in scrolling, using the right blade and calibration to reduce vibration is the key to success.

      Lastly I have been considering on making a foot powered scroll saw but the flaw in them is that your limited to the size of work you can work with which usually means small scale stuff. This is the only time I favour out of necessity in using power.


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