New Gallery and lists for sales has been added

Much appreciation goes to my friend and colleague Greg Merritt for his help on the creation of my new gallery.  Unfortunately many of the photos of my previous work over the years are either lost or really bad quality so I have not included them.  The photos I have included are fairly recent and all taken with my new Nikon D7100, I think it will be the last camera I’ll ever be able to afford.  Please feel free to browse through the photos and post your comments.

I have also opened up an items for sale page and have written up a read me first article to explain why I have and the purpose of it.  I will just cut and paste here what I have written there.

Before I do that though any new listings I make, you will not be notified.  I would rather make quality posts about woodworking than constantly bombard you with new listings.  The sales page won’t be updated everyday as I’m not running a business and have no intentions to do so either in the future again, but do check periodically as you may find something new and of interest to you.  Many items will be made available over time from clocks, furniture, miscellaneous wooden items to hand tools both new shop made tools to Antique and Vintage tools.

Please read below why I have decided to open an items for sales page.

I have announced several weeks ago to close down Unique Clocks after 18 years in operation.  Due to the high volume of work, high levels of stress, extremely long hours and lack of quality family time I have decided to stop and go back to being an amatuer woodworker.

I love working wood and in order to keep doing what I love I need to be able to afford it, so my hobby needs to be self supporting.  My  income is not large enough to be able to support daily life expenses and the on going increasing cost of materials.  So I have decided to open up a sales section in this blog.   It’s just one individual selling to another individual as private buyers and seller.

Not all of the proceeds will go towards covering the costs associated with the craft. Certain products will be dedicated from time to time to go towards the homeless, the poor and the needy.  All of the proceeds from the sale of these dedicated products will be directed towards the additional 4000 families that have been rendered homeless in my home town in the last few months and forced to sleep in their cars with their children some as young as 19 months old due to the current high rental market and low wages.  Merely having a roof over your head has exceeded a single incomes weekly wage.  These families are not alcoholics nor drug addicts but decent folk who cannot meet the high demands of paying excessive rent.  Blankets and pillows are much needed for their temporary housing in mosques and churches provided but as these places of worship are over stretched the majority continue to live in and out of their cars.  The council’s response was to place “no camping signs” in these areas.

All items listed for sale will be wholesale unless specified otherwise.

In the description you will see a recommended retail price, this is for you to consider if you wish to on sell the product and make a profit.

From time to time I may post antique and vintage tools for sale,  I will always do my utmost best to keep these prices as low as possible.  I will also offer tools that I have made, I fully understand how expensive tools have become and will take this into consideration when pricing them.  My aim is to help as many woodworkers as I possibly can because without tools we cannot build anything.

All items listed are in Australian dollars, this is a great opportunity for overseas buyers especially the U.S. to take advantage of the low Australian dollar.  It will be cheap as chips for you.

Payments will be made through paypal and you will see an old business name of cgexperience on your invoice and not Unique Clocks.  As I’ve never sold any clocks online before I’ve never had the need to create a paypal account for this.  CG Experience was an old on the side venture that really  went no where, I still use this account to make my own online purchases.

Shipping will be priced according to actual shipping fees quoted by the Australian Postal Service. All items listed will not include shipping fees, you must email me first for a shipping quote with your full address and zip code or postal code. I will then take the item to Aust. Post and get a price and email you a shipping quote.

4 thoughts on “New Gallery and lists for sales has been added

  1. Wow!
    That description seems very familiar to me. We had something very similar a few years ago because of the “economical crisis”.
    Until now there are several organizations collecting and distribution food in the majority or cites.
    This guy made this model

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Bro I would love to help these people, it’s a crying shame what our government has done to this country. 30 years ago Australia was an amazing land. Today we are faced with so many uncertainties, whatever I can do to help these people I will.but I am only one man.


  3. Thank you very much Greg

    I went to the site I mentioned and the council put up a new sign with an addition to ‘No Camping” “Penalties Apply” as if being homeless isn’t penalising enough. I went to another location and found two boys one looked about 15 and the other 25 they appeared to be brothers sleeping on a mattress in a park with a shopping trolley full of bags. My heart just shattered at this site, so young with a whole life ahead of them just torn to shreds by the greed of capitalism.


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