Tip of the week: Boring just got easier

I sent in this tip to popular woodworking some time ago.  I was really frustrated using forstner bits with a brace, if anyone has done boring with a forstner bit by hand you know just how difficult it is.

One day I thought to myself there just has to be a better solution so I laid a forstner bit and an auger bit side by side just staring at them noting all the differences between the two.  I asked myself what makes an auger bit a functional tool that bores fairly easily into wood.  That’s when it hit me, the spur! Aha the auger has a threaded spur that pulls the bit into the wood while the forstner bit doesn’t.  So I drilled a pilot hole and gave it a whirl.  Rather than explaining the entire process again here is a caption of what I sent in which also got me first prize.

Just when you thought nothing more could be discovered in woodworking I went ahead and discovered something new.  Who knows maybe this method has been used in past generations but were never noted.

4 thoughts on “Tip of the week: Boring just got easier

  1. I remember when you had this tip published. I haven’t had need for it yet, but I should just give it try. It’s a fantastic idea/solution to a problem. I wonder why no one has added a small leed screw to a Forster bit? Hmmm…

    I have a suspicion that more woodworking has been forgotten than remembered.


    1. I believe because forstner bits wasn’t intended to be used with a brace, even with when using a pedestal drill it takes considerable downward pressure so it can bore so you can imagine just how hard it is doing it by hand. This method works great up to 2″ or even a little over but a bit sized 3 1/8 is just impossible. Maxi cut cuts are very expensive but the best there is and are super sharp with no saw teeth leaving a very very clean cut. One of these days I’ll buy my self those in the sizes I use most and be done with saw teeth versions.


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