Card Scrapers-Turning a good burr

I was going to write up a fairly lengthy article on this important topic but instead I stumbled upon this video by chance as I was searching for classical music on YouTube to play in my shop.  What’s classical music got to with card scraping beats me but I’m glad it turned up.

This video at first glance is slightly deceiving, you may think you will not get much information from it as the intro is silly but actually he covers more information than I have seen on any other video ever covered on this topic.  He demonstrates its usage, turning different burrs for different applications and what type of timber they work best on.   Veritas sells a tool that turns a good burr lo and behold I never knew they did but I think after watching this video and applying the techniques demonstrated you won’t be needing any jig to turn a good burr.  All I’m going to say is the key to success is in the prep work.  You can use waterstones but you will stand a good chance digging into it and end up reducing the size trying to get all of it out.  I’ve learned this the hard and have switched to sandpaper until I can afford diamond stones.  

Enjoy watching the video it just goes to show how many silent knowledgeable woodworkers are out there, I think we spend way too much time focusing on celebrity woodworkers and limiting ourselves to their knowledge and practices only.  Broaden your knowledge and skill by not focusing on one particular person or any particular group of popular people as remember it’s a smorgasbord out there who have a lot to offer.

9 thoughts on “Card Scrapers-Turning a good burr

    1. I’m glad you liked its funny how things turn out, I search for one thing and something much more beneficial turns up. I reckon though you should get yourself one and become apt with it because you never know one day you may want to work with hardwood and it will come in handy.

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  1. Really good video Salko. I like using the scraper, but at first was getting saw dust, with the occasional shaving in between sharpening. Results have been better lately, but i’m sure my sharpening skill will improve using these tips..
    Thanks for sharing.

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    1. Marilyn they key to successfully getting a good burr is in the prep work. Many of times I didn’t get a good burr because i skimped on the stones due to the damage I was doing to them. I switched to sandpaper but the corners catch and rip them. So I just switch to the ticketer then turn the burr and hope for the best which doesn’t happen. Either I get oil stones or a diamond stones which aren’t cheap. For you and I living in this country our timbers aren’t the friendliest so we depend heavily on high angle blades and card scrapers to get the job done.


      1. Yes, I wasn’t spending a good deal of time on the first steps, prepping the edge and sides near the edge. Once I got those parts in shape the shavings were more consistent. And of course I have to re-create the burr more often than I think I do.


  2. The burr should last a little while and ofcourse depends how long you use it, just a like a hand plane you can get about 20 mins of use before you need to resharpen it. The good news is and I think you already know this but in case you don’t you can turn the burr about 3 times before you need to go through the whole process again.


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