An old craftsman

This is an audio file of an old craftsman’s thoughts on the craft many, many years ago.  It’s funny to note and I am noticing as I research even deeper into the craft of the yesteryears that the complaints and wisdom are very much identical to what we see and hear today.  Go make yourself a cuppa and enjoy this short story.

3 thoughts on “An old craftsman

  1. A very interesting approach to real teaching.
    Just curious about the transcript of the audio.
    Is this from a book or something?


  2. I was going through my files and I found it there. I’m contemplating on creating audio transcripts plus written posts from now on. I dont want to create unecessarily extra work for myself but I think it would be a welcomed addition. I give it a trial run before i commit myself to it.

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  3. Remember I’m not here to teach, all I’m doing is sharing what little knowledge I have and what I am gaining as well in the process. A true teacher should do this anyway but many have closed themselves off and shun at anyone that doesn’t adhere to their style and thoughts. That’s why I don’t want to teach because I’m afraid I could end up being like them, besides I’m much happier this way not being under the microscope of the viewer. I can shut down this blog anytime I wish but it would be a real shame if I did. As long as I’m doing my part towards our community and someone gains some benefit then I’ve done it something right.


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