The Woodrights Shop now free

36 years Roy Underhill has been airing the famous TV woodworking episodes called The Woodright’s Shop and much to my surprise he’s still producing new episode.  Never has any episode been free on the net and now I’ve discovered much to my surprise it is.  I think this could be in retaliation to the piracy sites but whatever the reasons are it’s free to watch and the resolution is decent.

For those who’ve never watched his episodes before it isn’t a step by step woodworking show but a summarised version of whatever he’s building at the time.  What I like mostly about it is the historical aspects, Roy explains and demonstrates in his 26mins long videos of  both trades i.e. Joiner and Cabinetmaking, the era, what type of tools they used, what type of joinery was employed and so forth.

I think this is probably the best find I’ve made yet until they invent a time travelling machine and record episodes out of the 18th and 19th century this one tops the list.

Click on the link below to watch.

The Woodright’s Shop

6 thoughts on “The Woodrights Shop now free

    1. I haven’t seen this show in ages, there is an episode on Japanese handplanes and the guest speaker talks about sharpening both ends as opposed to western style of a few short strokes on the back to get rid of the burr. He says you sharpens both ends rather than just snapping the burr to get a clean sharp end. Well I just tried it and what a difference it made.


      1. Yes it does make a difference. The idea is that, in use, the blade will develope a microscopic back bevel. This back bevel makes it impossible to completely remove the burr when sharpening. So the back needs more attention than just a couple of rubs on the stone. I suspect this is why so many folks use Charlewsorth’s “ruler” trick. The Japanese view is that the back should be flat, without exception. Sharpening the bevel and the back each time yields a truely sharp blade.


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