Masters closing down

With the closing of Masters, timber has been reduced to affordable US prices in fact it’s on par with the US and Canada as it should be. All the timber is almost gone, I looked at tradespeople buying not like madman but sensibly and with a sigh of relief. For the first time in 2 decades and short lived as it will be, timber has been made affordable without sending you broke.
Australia is a very expensive country and due to this over inflated expense many cabinet shops have gone broke in the process and other larger ones continue to operate and over inflate their prices to continue making a profit.  As a result the nations citizens are being ripped off not by these companies but by importers.   This liquidation has proven that over inflated price tags just doesn’t sell, every trades person with an ounce of intelligence will never buy from any home centre, the ones who do are handymen and small time builders and obviously the general public who doesn’t know  any better. If we as a nation are to flourish we must lower the costs and recent weeks has been a shining example and proof that lowering costs to affordable levels stimulates sales and job growth.
I have heard people say that the fall of Masters is due to their quick expansion. None of this is true, Lowes pulled out and Woolworths didn’t want to carry the burden of the costs alone. It takes 10 years for a business of that size to earn a true profit and woolworths decided it wasn’t worth the effort. Having spoken to various staff members at different store locations the deal is for them, to receive their redundancy payment they are not allowed to express their grievance of losing their jobs, not through the media or even Facebook, twitter or any other social media. Even though they have been hard done by, they all have bar one young girl displayed high levels of professionalism and outstanding customer service not only throughout these final days but throughout the last 8 years of it’s opening.  In comparison to Bunnings,  Masters has out shone them in every aspect in terms of customer service and quality of goods. Management on the other hand at Masters and Woolworths has through my own experience with them been quite the opposite.  They encouraged customer feedback when it’s in the positive but refused to respond if it was in the opposite, this I have experienced several times.
These are truly uncertain times for these employees and my heart goes out to them as most of them are in their mid 40’s and the prospects of securing another job is scarce. The shame solely rests on Woolworths alone.  I’m sure they will have no problems sleeping at nights with their over inflated bellies while the rest will rely on the pittance of social welfare payments and the abuse and unrealistic expectations that will follow from the welfare staff.  

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