Video on boring tip

After countless requests I’ve finally got my act together and did this small video on boring with a forstner bit, it’s non edited and done in a hurry but I’m sure you won’t mind.

3 thoughts on “Video on boring tip

  1. So for this video you got “child forced labour”… Shame on you!!!! 😛
    I started to “use” my 5 year old for sanding he loves it so much I build him a small work bench.

    Any tips on sharpening forstner bits… I need to sharpen mines…


  2. oh that’s nothing I got mine to plane 200ft of lumber, lol only joking. You sharpen the same way you sharpen an auger bit. Have a look on youtube if you don’t know how, it’s very simple but when you do it make sure your strokes are flat on the bevel and cut evenly. If you undercut one side or not parallel with the other your bottoms won’t be flat and only one blade will be cutting. Also never do the outside circumference.


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