It’s a new build – Planter box Project

I’ve started a whole new project, it’s a planter box build. I would call this building on the fly. I have no drawings for it, no sketch, only an image in my head. I will make up the dimensions on the fly, what looks good to me at that moment will be my dimensions. I suppose this is an unconventional approach, but I know some prominent woodworkers doing the same. If this were a clock normally I would never dive into a project without full drawings, but this project is simple so I don’t need any drawings for it.

This project will entail turning finials, 16 mortise and tenon joinery, tongue and grooves for the panels and then some more grooves to accept the panels, finally I will finish with a homemade blotch free stain. This is a blotch free stain that I have come up with that is very simple to mix. Oh and the wood is structural pine, nothing fancy. This planter box will serve as a bin for all my small off cuts. It’s not really that I need this, but I have been making clocks for so long that I never had time to make anything else. So it’s more for the sake of the build than actual need.

So I hope you enjoy Part 1

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