Blotch free staining update

I’m jumping the gun a little on this one but I just couldn’t hold out on it.

If you remember I did a post on this topic a few months ago, I was very excited about my discovery then and I’m even more excited about it now.  I have discovered something that actually works, even though I have only tried it on Pine I strongly believe this will work on other timbers that are prone to blotch.

I have made 2 videos on this topic and have demonstrated the steps I took to produce a blotch free stain and have made a comparative look between Minwax oil based against my own version.

I hope you find these videos most informative and helpful but before you watch these videos take a look at the samples and see for yourselves just how well this works.

The stain above I used oak.  Now have a look at the bottom pics.  The one on the left is my homemade brew and the one on the right is Minwax oil based stain.

As you can see the picture on the left shows no blotch, while the picture on the right shows heavy blotching.  What’s more remarkable is how the end grain on the left shows a uniform colour, while the minwax version shows a typical dark burnt like effect.

I usually don’t like to talk on camera because of the little amount of work I actually get done.  However, I made this exception for you today as I didn’t rehearse this and wasn’t sure if it was actually going to work with dry non resinous timber.  So I wanted all of us to find out together if it passe or failed.

Let me know what you think.


13 thoughts on “Blotch free staining update

  1. Hi Salko,
    Two things will make this article much better: 1.) the recipe for your own solution (I can’t tell from the YouTube video exactly what you are using. What kind of oil?). 2.) a link to your previous article that might explain your solution.

    Maybe all we need to know is the kind of oil?



  2. Sanding sealer then BLO/stain mix. There is no denying the results! Might I suggest a larger test piece with samples of each side-by-side on the same face. You could do half with your mix and half with Minwax.

    You seem very relaxed on camera. The videos were fun to watch.

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    1. Thanks Greg and that’s a good idea if I could afford it. I’m very stingy with timber mainly due to the high cost of it in this country. I was planning to stain it after the glue up and that’s when the real test will be if this thing really does work or not. But your right small samples isn’t a true test at all but it’s a good indication of whether it can work or not.


      1. Not a criticism Salko…I think you have hit on something awesome! Just saying a side-by-side comparison on a larger sample would help to drive home the effectiveness of your technique.


  3. Thanks Bob for your question, in the video I have mentioned several times it’s BLO and I’ve held it up to the camera, I also mentioned and displayed the mix of the spirit based stain as well. Have you watched the videos or just skipped through it?


  4. Poor girl under forced labour again 😛
    The pictures in the blog post helped quite a bit, because in the videos i couldn’t saw it – I put the YT in very low resolution mode due my internet connection.
    Quite an interesting experiment!


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