Happy new year

The year will draw to a close at midnight tonight in my home country and for my woodworking friends in all countries, this will be tomorrow night.

This year has brought many trials and unforeseen surprises, I left my business after 18 years to spend more time with my youngest son.  I’ve rejoined the workforce and find it difficult to adapt, I started this blog and enjoy sharing my work and findings along the way.  I’m planning to build many things for my shop and also plan on cleaning it up to have less in it, I’m eventually going to get around building a new bench and replace my tool cabinet with a tool chest.  I also want to build foot powered scroll saw and treadle lathe and be rid of power altogether.  I’m going to build a frame saw for resawing but I don’t think I’ll ever get rid of my bandsaw, not anytime soon though.  The pedestal drill has only one use for me and that’s boring out clock inserts and boring metal which is just too damn impossible to do with a brace.  There are many things I plan on doing over the year and following years, way too much to name here.  But the thing is I want to be active both mind and body and I want to improve and bring my skills to a much higher level than what it currently is.  I’m going to stay away from the news, politics and all that negative hysteria their so famous for.  If the whole world wants to bomb each other into oblivion I couldn’t care less, I’ll go down with a piece of wood in my hand.

So tonight I will be spending it in the workshop finishing off the planter box, it’s glued, scraped and sanded with a few unfortunate knicks on a couple of edges.  It’s ready for finishing and that’s what I’ll be doing tonight.  I won’t be doing a video on it as it’s really a hassle trying to get the right angle and close ups so you can see what I can.  But you have seen me apply finishes before and you’ve seen plenty on YouTube and done it yourselves so why repeat it here.

I’ve decided to go for a different look to match my saw bench.  I’m going to stain the panels oak like I demonstrated in the video and the rest will be orange shellac.  I have applied the ebeaut sanding sealer weeks ago and I’ve done test pieces you’ve already seen me do but I’m still nervous.  As Greg pointed out I should test it on 12×36″ boards to really see if this discovery really works.  This will either make or break all my hard work and it’s nerve racking.  I don’t know if I should apply one more coat of the sealer but if I do, it just may not allow the stain to reach its rich colour and will end up being too light.  Oh well one will never know if I don’t take that plunge.

I want to take this opportunity to start by apologising if I have said something in my previous posts that may have offended anyone.  I know I can be a little outspoken and harsh and I say it as  I see it, I don’t like to sugar coat anything and nor do I like to pretend I know it all and have all the answers.  This I will leave to other YouTubers out there who have to keep up the image of being a woodworking walking encyclopaedia.  I’m not that guy and I’m willing to learn from anyone who is willing to share their knowledge with me and vice versa.  I’m also happy to take constructive criticism for if I closed the doors to that, how can I ever learn and improve.

So with all that said I wish you all a very happy, prosperous and safe new year.

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