Mr Chickadee – A true Craftsman

What a wonderful start to the new year, a Youtube videos that made my jaw drop.  Videos that out shine every video I have seen to date.  I can’t find the words to express such joy at watching someone so young possess such great knowledge and skill, not only does he own just about every antique tool under the sun but he uses them to build his house entirely by hand in the forest, a most pristine environment..

This guy knows carpentry, Japanese joinery, blacksmithing, tool making, brick laying, concrete laying you name it he knows it, and does it all by hand.  He fells trees by hand, rip them, planes them and then does tight fitting joinery all by hand and his wife isn’t shy to join in. Wow!!!!!!!!!

I ask again, how in the world does someone at his age possess such knowledge and expertise?  What an amazing discovery, what an amazing young man.

I’m eager to see if at any stage he will build furniture, but for now I’m thoroughly enjoying watching the build of his house or cabin, whatever they may call it.  Simplicity at it’s best.

Mr Chickadee – Youtube


6 thoughts on “Mr Chickadee – A true Craftsman

  1. Looks like I’ve found another friend in woodworking “Down Under”…Great blog!

    Joshua (Mr. Chickadee) is a special person to say the least…I have connected few that take a lesson and do more with it than he does. A true prodigy of the traditional crafting Arts!!!

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