Planter box all finished

Well I finished it the day after New Years and I’ve been cleaning up the shop since.

I’m convinced my blotchfree staining works, I know I could of made darker by giving it an extra coat that’s why you should never work at night.  Even though in the photo it appears to have some blotching it actually doesn’t, for some reason the camera doesn’t give it justice and this one I took with my iPad as it’s closer in resemblance to what I can see with the naked eye.

This was a fun project and I would like to do another one again.

Anyway you be the judge,  let me know what you think and what improvement I could of made.

Btw I made this post via my iPad it took a better photo than my over rated and overly expensive camera which I’m still paying off.  Viewing it on the iPad and then viewing it on my computer screen I’m getting looks.  You just can’t win with technology.

10 thoughts on “Planter box all finished

    1. Thank you very much I appreciate it. I just filled it up it’s amazing how much could fit it in, it’s actually over flowing. All the little bits are on top and the largest all on the bottom. It will be pain to get to it when I need to. The workshop is finally cleaned up, it took me since New Year’s Day but it’s beautiful now. There’s only a few bits here and there but it’s finally done.


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