Planter Box Build Part 8

There’s one more episode left to edit, I know I’ve been slack lately but not without reason.  I’ve been very productive in the shop with tool making, I’ve designed a small router plane to help with the build of the moulding planes.  While I’m still waiting for steel to arrive I’ve been catching up on a lot of passed work I’ve missed.

I like making video and sharing my work with you don’t get me wrong but it does consume a lot of time and that’s something I don’t have the luxury of.  So I need to work out and plan better so I can continue sharing my builds with you.

I have received a lot of positive comments about the blog and I thank you for it and yes I do intend to continue blogging so as long you to continue to have me but, I only have a day and half off work.  So trying to figure out how to use that little time productively and sharing it with you is a real challenge.

2 thoughts on “Planter Box Build Part 8

  1. Nice work Salko! I’m enjoying the videos, it’s nice to see another hand-tooler in action especially one as experienced as yourself.

    I certainly understand your lament, videos are very time consuming. I’ve tried to make them as least intrusive as possible, with almost zero editing going on. Editing and joining is quite time consuming. I find simply photographing my work a little easier to work with, but even still sometimes I’m well on a roll and find at the end of it that I forgot to photo the work, hah.


  2. Thanks very much Brian for the compliment and I’m glad you are enjoying the videos.
    Videos are time consuming sure enough from both aspects of recording and editing. Trying to get the right angle is always a challenge when your on on your own and since my camera doesn’t have autofocus a feature I automatically expected hence why I never asked before I bought it is also a challenge. I would like to show people just how long it really does take to plane a board flat or any other operation but no one wants to sit through it. Even an 8 minute video they say it’s too long. Everyone seems to be in a rush which is ironic considering they want to hand tool woodwork.

    What I would like to know is how some people are able to make 30mins videos and still show the whole process in real time and pause to talk about it like Mr Sellers.

    Well good news today I received a nice flat bar of O1 steel but everything else is still on it’s way.


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