I did it!!!!!!!!!!!

Where’s there’s a will there’s a way and these pictures simply proves it.  When you set your mind on a task you can achieve whatever you want.


I hope these pictures bring clarification to my previous post, you can see by removing metal from the top and bottom I was able to bend it without any bulge on the back.  The iron now goes all the way into the body of the plane and when extended almost reaches 2″ without flex.  This length like I said before will be rarely needed in your normal joinery but if you’re going to produce a moulding plane with 2″ wide sole and you’re going to employ this French build method then you will need an iron of this length.

Next Thursday is my day off work again and I will be heat treating this iron, I am making recordings of the build so stay tuned for those.  I think I will replace my own 1/8″ width blade with this one but so far it hasn’t really caused me any concerns and I have dedicated too much time to this build.  I really want to get to building these moulding planes so I can move on to building myself a bench.  Would you believe it I still haven’t decided on the type of vices I’m going to use.  Unbelievable, there is just so many to choose from and I want this bench to be the last bench I’ll ever build so it must do everything I want it to do.



8 thoughts on “I did it!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. You can also bend steel pretty easily by heating with a torch. If you put the piece in a vise and get the rod red, taking a plier or pipe to the bent section will put the bend where you want it. Since you are heat treating later there is no effect on the edge.

    The router looks great. I like the contrasting woods and materials.


      1. Mine is fixed to the wall which makes clean up very difficult for me. The shavings always seem to get stuck in the corner where the wall and bench meet. I haven’t pressed the issue, because I’m getting by pretty well. I’m just thinking it’s time for an upgrade.


  2. I’ve always been curious about walled benches, lol I just invented that word but curious as to how people can plane wide boards across the grain without hitting the wall. I understand it is ideal to have a bench next to a window and also for stability reason bolting to the ground or against a wall but don’t you find it a hindrance when dealing with wide stock. Which reminds on an important point, if I build my bench out of Pine irrespective of how blocky the legs will be, will it still be heavy enough to remain put. Pine isn’t a dense timber and I can’t afford anything else.


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