Preface to Fish and mammalian glues

This article is an in depth study I have researched on animal protein glue, I don’t believe even with the information I’ve compiled is merely enough to scratch the surface. Sourcing information through the net is proving to be increasingly difficult on this subject. There isn’t much information available besides the usual synopsis you can find in any woodworking catalogue.
I must say the internet has developed or leaned more towards marketing of products rather than being a source of information that’s geared towards real learning. This marketing revolution reminds me of the industrial revolution seeds first planted in England in the 18th century, but didn’t see it blossom and the negative effects it had on society till the 19th century.


This poisonous blossoming effect brought about a radical socioeconomic change to the developed world and the demise of human skill through the introduction of machinery in the workplace.
Much like the Camphor Laurel tree which originated in China and exported to other nations because of its beautiful grain, poisoning and eventually killing off other trees in its surrounding, so did the lure of mass production. Once more China through the greed of western corporations and medium sized businesses has killed off many jobs in the western civilised world.


The industrial revolution of the 19th century led to low quality, high yielding profits bringing benefit to only some, but often resulted in mass unemployment, low wages, poor working and living conditions for both the working class and the poor.

While now in the 21st century working conditions in the developed world may have improved but we still see no change in employment opportunities. No wage increase to meet the current cost of living, housing is now unaffordable in major capital cities around Australia, rental increases has exceeded a single person’s income, universities wanting to increase their fees even more, limiting more young people from obtaining an education in the hope of a better life while gearing towards reserving education only for the wealthy as it was in the early part of the 20th century. Zero plans in supporting any additional apprenticeship programs and bringing about further tax cuts for corporations while increasing tax levies on the working class.

The internet which was once a great source of limitless information has developed into a new revolutionary marketing tool which has been cleverly masked by the word “information age.” A word with a hidden motif and motive. This information is not about giving but collecting personal information about you, to help them better market their products to you.
So, rather than help Mr. Googlegoogle-evil-1200x900 further their exploits of this revolutionary and evolutionary degeneration of the human intellect, I aim to put a black spot or stain or even a dent in their plans by placing as much educational material as I humanly can on the subject of woodworking, in the hope that it will inspire many and restore some level of balance to your lives, and get the children and adults off the PlayStations and generally off their mobile phones.


That’s me when I was a young rooster but long gone are the days of my youth, and equally so my generation who’ve forgotten how to live. Isn’t it time we started to remember?
There are a great many more blogs out there and unfortunately some of the better ones are long gone, but together we can build them up again to better serve the community. I urge you all, to create blogs, contribute and support one another and make a stance against this modern degeneration of society. If you think you have nothing to share or your skill level is not worthy of posts, think again.

Everyone has something to offer and gain as learning is a never ending process.

This introductory post has been more a form of release of the mental anguish due to the frustrations I’m currently undergoing of researching, gathering and compiling of information on fish glue, whilst endlessly and tirelessly trying to avoid the constant bombardment of “where I can buy fish glue.”   As this research is far from over and without going into any further discussion of the demise and evolutionary degeneration of the human race, I will in my next post release my findings.

I’ll begin with a very brief look into the historical accounts that’s been documented on fish glue. As I have written some on the historical uses of hide glue in my earlier posts, I don’t believe it would be beneficial to repeat it here. As I cannot possibly cover every aspect of this glue or mammalian glues in general in a single post, I will release further information as I come across it in other subsequent posts.

Before I end this introductory post, I would like to make a brief clarification on Camphor Laurel.  Even though it is considered a weed in Australia due to its poisoning effects it has on other trees, it is a most beautiful and sought after timber by many woodworkers in all fields of the trade.  It gives off a wonderful strong scent and is great for keeping cloth eating insects out of your wardrobes. Its easy to saw but planing is difficult with standard bevel angle planes, no less than a 50° bevel is needed to plane without causing tear out and the grain is drop dead gorgeous.  I used this tree as an example only to clarify a point.

Take care





10 thoughts on “Preface to Fish and mammalian glues

    1. It started as a preface but quickly escalated to a rant. These issues run deep within me but it’s out of my control, all I can do is try to make a difference if that is at all possible.


  1. I am in agreement with Salko’s statement. Though I can play devils advocate on a few points. A in depth interview with a past prime minister of Canada. Explained as to why she believed her country’s biggest asset was there free education system. It covered many topics including why it aids the encompassing of new immigrants and there families to there new country. Google, face book and many other platforms are to my un educated thoughts, primarily a mass marketing machine. Gathering intel’ to sell the next trends, of which sadly many sheep like thinking beings, blindly follow, to the detriment of our future generations, and our planet. Though one has to bend with the wind to survive. Finding the fine line in between is increasingly a hard road to follow. Cheers Peter


  2. I am delighted to hear (read) my mind thoughts without the trouble of doing the work myself. Thank you, Salko.

    Here, in US we are busy waking up to a nightmare, organizing and raising a stink to throttle a few weeks attempts to kill roughly 100 years of social growth and reversal of environmental destruction. If it wasn’t so awful personally, this is an ideal social-economic-plutocratic lesson for humanity.

    From nearly social democracy to industrial oligarchy in 24-hours. This crap would never happen if the public were educated. Rather, it is fake science, lies, industrial and business graft that profits. We have your favorite son, Murdock to thank for pre-eminent skills in brainwashing gullible people. Our Fox News has field reports from Mrs. Wright’s Academy for Billionaires Children while trump announces deep cuts in public education to fund private and parochial charter schools. The one his brat will attend.

    It’s a whole lot easier to cut the cancer out before it has a chance to bloom and invade the body.

    Ahhhhh… Ranting is such fun.

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  3. I feel that I’m throwing a rock to a quarry… going off topic of glues and getting on the rant theme…. sorry
    Have you eared the expression ‘brain hacking’ ?

    The marvellous XXI century right?

    Looking forward for the glues subject to develop here!


    1. The video message reads “The uploader has not made this video available in your country” I guess Aussies are targets then considering how big gamblers they are.

      I’ve started the write up last night and am trying to keep it as simple and as informative as I can.


  4. Those wicked (I could have chosen a more descriptive word here) marketers have even gotten into the blog world. There are some woodworking blogs that I’ve read where the page snaps to the bottom where a video ad is playing. Any attempt to scroll up to read the blog is in vain, as the page snaps back to the ad. I’m left with no other recourse than to close the window. They’ve got us by the balls and are squeezing tighter each passing day. Making what could be a great resource for all into a pain in the ass.


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