“Work” a new magazine for the hand tool woodworker


Work was first published in London by Cassel & Company limited on 23 March 1889 and ended on January 14 1893.

There were four volumes released and was named “WORK, An Illustrated Magazine of Practice and Theory.”

There were many authors but the man who begun it all was the first author Ed Francis Young.   The Work magazine filled a hole in the market and that was to create a magazine that covered all trades of the working class man, in modern times this would be regarded as the blue collar worker or tradesmen.

I felt a need to bring this magazine back to life once more, but not entirely with all the contents of the yesteryears, but mostly the parts pertaining to woodworking with a hint of metal work as well.
I will cover most topics I have covered in my blog. As all blogs you have to scroll forever to see all the topics covered, unless your organised and have each topic categorised which I didn’t.

I have spent a great deal of time writing blogs, never ending research and so forth, while, my own work behind the bench diminshed to an almost stop.
I’m hoping that this magazine will free me up from the responsibilities of the blog but not entirely neglecting the blog, just free me up to devote more time to the craft I love so much.

Education is important, and I believe it should be free, we all have a responsibility to pass on the knowledge we learn along the way. By doing so, we keep the craft alive, teach others skill, be that for the amatuer, or professional. To earn a living for himself should he pursue that avenue. This is a responsibility we all share equally and its not just for the privledged.

This magazine will only be available in pdf format and will be available for download through my blog. As I said above, I intend to cover many topics and many projects. It will be much like my blog except in the hope it will be fairly detailed. Every write up will be accompanied by an illustrations and or photographic pictures, and possibly videos embedded into the page.

I have no intentions of charging for this magazine but I cannot say for sure if there will be a charge later in the future, or if I will continue with it at all.   All I know for now, is that I want to bring a first ever hand tool magazine for woodworkers.

I invite anyone who wishes to contribute to this magazine to do so.  Please send your write up in PDF format with your full name so it can be accredited to you to
As the original work magazine is to this date is 128 years old there is no copyright on it. Legal advice has been sought and I have been given the go ahead with it. This means I can repost word for word everything that is written in it. Its wonderful to read into the mindset and work practices of the old. There is much we can learn from them.

As you can see from the screen shot above, I’ve already begun the first write up.

As for now, I also cannot say how often a new issue will be released. Let’s just take one step at a time for now.


9 thoughts on ““Work” a new magazine for the hand tool woodworker

  1. I must say this is new to me and sounds very interesting. Does it open the door into the traditional world of staining, colouring and polishing. Plus any work by Herbert Cescinsky?


    1. Absolutely, I will want to cover as many topics as I humanly possibly can. I will need to do some thorough research on Herbert Cescinsky first but as I said how often will release each issue I really can’t say, the last thing I want to do is replace one time consuming thing with another. All I want is my shop time back and if I can find an equal balance to it all I will be one happy chappy.

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  2. Wait… what’s just happening here Salko??
    Are you ‘putting your foot’ on to the e-publishing world???
    Or are you trying just to be a ‘martyr’??? LOL

    What a bold move!
    Let me know if I can help this crazy project!

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  3. lol martyr, how could I possibly be a threat to anyone. All I’m trying to do is devote more time behind the bench and less time behind my screen. Besides, every magazine concentrates on machine woodworking and there’s none solely dedicated to hand tool woodworking, so I’ll be the first and yes you can help and everyone who reads this blog can help. Email me tips, tricks, projects etc and I’ll publish them. I can’t possibly be expected to do all this on my own and do it all for free, this needs to be a community based effort and project.


  4. You realize that all these issues have been published as *.pdf files by ToolsforWorkingWood.com? Issues 1 through 200 are available on that site.


    1. Yes I only discovered this yesterday but it don’t matter because the contents won’t be just from that magazine, it will contain my own contents and contents from other contributing authors. The guy that started work back in the day had a fantastic idea but it only ran for three years, I want to reignite this magazine because we lack a magazine that is solely dedicated to hand tool hand made woodworking. Every magazine on the market mainly focuses on machine based woodworking. I have thought about doing something like this for a number of years and the opportunity is here now, so why not just do it rather than ponder about it. Even though there is numerous woodworking mags out there, it still hasn’t deterred anyone from continuing to publish nor anyone in adding one more magazine on the market. Besides it’s free and I would like this to be a community effort. It will only survive if I can get the support and contributions but if it solely relies on my own contributions it will become a full time job and if there is no financial backing then it will be short lived. I think this magazine is a good idea and will be a welcomed addition but it does completely rely on community support, without this community support there’s nothing. Tools for working wood does not hold the rights to it.


      1. Besides all that I said this blog has grown tremendously over the two years it’s been around, even though the comments are limited to a small group the readers are large. Due to this I’ve been spending more time behind the screen than I have behind my bench, so instead of stopping the blog I can through magazine devote more to my craft and still pass on what I know.


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