Handwork new title

Even though it is 128 years old and free from any copyright according to the law I still felt uncomfortable using the title WORK, so, I’ve changed it today to HANDWORK.  I think its better suited and will help me sleep better at nights.  The theme is still basically the same, I will still use some of the content as I think its brilliant, but obviously there will be plenty of new and modern day hand work from myself and other contributing authors.

I’m not really sure why but I haven’t received much feedback at all on this, I thought everyone would be excited about it, am I wrong or is this the norm for the net.


10 thoughts on “Handwork new title

  1. I’m glad that you altered the title. Less possible confusion and still eludes to a continuation.

    I think that it is a very exciting project Salko and look forward to seeing how it progresses.


  2. Note that the original issues No. 1 through No. 200 were scanned and published in “The Work Magazine Reprint Project” at the Tools for Working Wood website, ending 14 January 2016. The scans remain available free to all. Were you aware of this resource?


  3. Oops! I had not gone back and read the comments on the original post before commenting. Feel free to delete these comments in moderation.


  4. G’day Salko, I believe what you propose is a grand and very task altruistic. I personally cannot comprehend how you can make the time to do so. One can only give it a go and see where the cards fall, all the best Peter

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