Scrap my previous post

Many thanks to Phil Sylvester for his suggestion and referral to Larry’s old articles.  Larry Williams went through the same dilemma as I have until he saw the lean and that’s why I said his measurements are wrong.  I didn’t know about the lean, yes I did view the video several times but somehow the subject of lean passed me by.  Now this has opened up a pathway to a successful build, this means that I will have to change all my drawings so I’ll be taking taking those links I posted offline.  However, should you wish to use them they will still work as I’ve built a no.16 and it works well.  The issue is when you go down in size it gets frustrating.  Now I’ve got it finally.

no8As you can see on this no.8 the lean is 1/8 and in fact this lean is the same amount on each plane as you can see below on the no.18


The new question is what about the iron, on the dvd Larry inserts his iron and it’s an LN iron so everything is square.  The only parts he takes off is the escapement side, but on the drawing it shows that I would need to taper the iron width side but Larry didn’t so this is the final hurdle I need to cross.  Please can anyone shed some light on this.


3 thoughts on “Scrap my previous post

  1. The iron “leans” as well. Since you trim the end to match the opening, this is not an issue. Don’t expect so much to be square to the world, the world is a messy place. Thanks for the above drawings though, it really explains “lean” better than words.


  2. Yes you correct Brian I was worried though the edge of the iron where it will be against the blind side would have to be tapered then I when I looked at my other irons it was the opposite side where the escapement is where its tapered. Like you said its a messy place.


  3. I’m now fixing up all the errors, it’ll be interesting when I get to the first 4 planes. The grip is slightly longer and thicker than the lower half. I’m glad I haven’t given up on this build, there is so much to learn about plane making yet I’m eager to finish them and put them to use.


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