Final Update

This is my last post till my next plane build, I have redrawn all the planes to the exact measurements provided by Larry Williams.  After reading through the many articles with different opinions offered on Larry’s old bulletin board service, I believe that for the larger moulding planes there is no need to angle the mortise.  After reading not all but some of the findings of other readers not all moulding planes had the taper.  I have built the No.16 without the taper and did so in ignorance and not intentionally, after all plane making is new to me.  But having done so and after spending a considerable amount of time adjusting the iron, the plane works exceptionally well without a taper.  There is still a 1/8″ wall left on the blind side but I cannot say that a taper wouldn’t be necessary on smaller planes.  None the less I’m not willing to modify anything until I thoroughly learn the trade of building planes and it isn’t as easy as one might think at least not for me.  The only part I struggle with is shaping the iron, you can do everything right but if you don’t get that part right then it won’t work.  In fact, if you screw up the wedge or get a blow out on the mouth you can pretty much throw your plane in the bin.  There is definitely an art in building these plane that require your utmost attention and due care.

With the mouth opening being so large I thought there would be some issue and I reckon there will be when dealing with difficult grain but that can be said even if the iron was skewed and the mouth tightly closed.  But so far the shavings ejected out without getting clogged and I owe this to the acute angle I pared on the wedge.  Keeping the planes body clean during the test fit of the iron is another challenge as well.  Being beech a light coloured wood stains or gets black marks on it very quickly after touching metal.  A light sand will not do the trick so clean your hands regularly or use a clean rag to pick your plane up.

I’ve slapped a coat of minwax antique oil finish, they all swear by it so I might as well do as they do.  I’ll put three coats on over three days.  Lol just where am I going to store all these planes?

That’s all folks, Take care.


2 thoughts on “Final Update

  1. Hey, Salko. Glad to hear you’re still at the moulding plane builds. I hadn’t seen your blog in a while (not sure why I wasn’t getting it on the unplugged shop feed), but last week I started going through your blogs from January, 2017 and I’m up to March. I’ve got some more reading to do. Looking forward to reading how your moulding plane techniques evolve over time.


    1. Good to hear from you Matt, unplugged relinked my blog last night again that’s why you haven’t received any notifications. Mate where do I start with the moulding planes, I have learned so much in the process and I can’t say that this French method is a better method than the traditional ways, but it will have to do until I make some floats. ever since I learned about the angled mortise the best way to build them is the traditional way. There’s just far too much to talk about. But with persistence you can make both methods work. I am pretty much confident now in building them but I am looking forward to making those floats and give that a go.


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