Issue II Coming Out Soon

You may be wondering or not why I’ve been so quiet lately.  Well, I’ve been very busy writing and compiling articles for the second Issue of HANDWORK.  With Issue 1 still being downloaded and I’ve stopped counting on the 7th thousandth download and not to mention all the positive emails I’ve received, I’m hoping the second Issue will be even better than the first.

I never thought in a million years I would take upon myself such a challenge.  I absolutely take my hat off to all the woodworking magazines out there who has been writing wonderful articles for decades.   There is so much behind the scenes work that goes into these magazines that it’s beyond anyone’s imagination.

I would like to thank in advance Matt McGrane for volunteering  as a contributing editor. If you see grammatical errors they are from me and not from Matt as I’m under time constraints to get this done as not all of the articles made their way to Matt.

I would also like to thank Greg Merritt a contributing author of two great articles.  The pressure was really on Greg when his computer froze and he lost all his work, but none the less he soldiered on and delivered.  Greg you’re not alone, the same thing happened to me a week earlier.  Bloody windows!

I also want to thank you, my readers for all your letters of support and compliments you’ve emailed me.  I’ll be including randomly some of them  in the magazine.

There’s still some further changes I would like to make and a lot of proofreading, photo editing, design layout but it will get done.  In the coming weeks or months I’m planning on having it itunes ready.  It’s a big learning curve for me but I believe in time HANDWORK will evolve to be bigger and better.

I’m hoping in the next week or two the latest to have it uploaded for you to download. So please spread the word and tell everyone about HANDWORK.

Matt how many errors have you picked up in this post? Be lenient I just finished a 14 hour shift.

Take care everyone. Cheers from down under!



5 thoughts on “Issue II Coming Out Soon

  1. “In the coming weeks or months I’m planning on having it itunes ready.”

    Please, please, please…. do not limit your distribution to iTunes. There are many of us that neither have, NOR WANT, Apple software. Yeah, I can see that iTunes might offer some benefits to publishers, but it also shrinks the potential size of your audience, especially when distributing material in “industry standard” format. (PDF, MP3, etc.)


    1. Bob you misunderstood, I’m not going to limit to iTunes I want to make it available to iTunes alongside here as well. I just thought that more people actually used their iPads more so than PC’s. I use my iPad for reading and writing these articles when I’m at work. But. O Bob I’m definitely not going to limit this mag to iTunes besides I don’t even know how much it costs to upload to iTunes. Maybe I should of worded it better but I did finish a 14 hr shift when I made that post so I was very tired at the time. I’m actually going to bed now so I’ve been awake now for 20 hours now. Thanks for letting me know though.


  2. Hi Salko,
    I’m sorry but I must disagree with your catch phrase : “…Cheers from down under!…”
    Because with this line of work ‘You’re way UP’!!!

    Cheers mate!

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