Did you like Issue 2?

I would really like to get your thoughts, so I’ve created another poll.  I know most people don’t seem to like to vote, but it’s important.  So please just take half a second and click.


10 thoughts on “Did you like Issue 2?

  1. While I agree grammatical mistakes are distracting (to those who notice or care), we must remember this is an amateur publication, mostly for amateur woodworkers. I wouldn’t hold this publication to the same standard I do with my subscribed magazines.

    Many have complained about the many grammatical mistakes found in a popular hand tool book and the blame in that case should be on the publisher, not the author as the publisher allowed the book to be released without fixing the errors first. The author worked with Taunton Press for his second book and the difference was day and night.

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    1. I remember when I was at school hating the English subject. I thought what’s the point when I already know the language, so I switched off. Now I understand the point and wish I took it more seriously. Never did I think I would ever start up a magazine. I love this magazine, I love sharing my thoughts, my work and historical articles that matter to someone somewhere, you learn so much from them. But my most favourite is articles from contributing authors. I feature them, no ones heard of them and they get a chance to demonstrate their skills to the world.


  2. It is disheartening that the focus for this issue is on the grammatical errors and not the actual content. A large portion of those grammatical errors are mine. Apologies Salko. Please do not lose sight of the fact that the majority of the contributors do not do this for a living. We work 50-60hrs a week to make a living doing something other than woodworking and/or writing. We juggle what little “free” time we have between the wood shop, learning new skills and designing. We then sacrifice some of that precious time to attempt to share, for free, what we have worked hard to learn. Yes, it is a little rough around the edges, but the information is solid.

    I, for one, know a guaranteed way to avoid the issue in the future.

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    1. Please don’t be disheartened by it, it really is my errors and not yours. Matt is a former high school teacher and he’s complimented you on your writing abilities but he tore mine to shreds several times over. I’m not discouraged by it as I know my writing is a weak point and I need to learn. So criticism is welcomed but sometimes I just don’t know how to fix it, besides as much as I want to learn this new skill set I simply don’t have any free time left. I have utilised every second of my life and as strong as I am it’s all starting to get to me.


      1. I’m fine with the criticism and I don’t take it personally, nor should you. I’m well aware of my shortcomings. I have three degrees, none of which are in creative writing or english.

        Maybe I should look at it differently. The only complaint with your publication is our weak writing skills. LOL


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