A message to blog site owners

Our lives are hectic enough without having to filter through fake comments from spammers. If you’re not already moderating your comments you need to start. These idiots use a program that’s getting better and better at mimicking human replies or what a person would say.  None the less they’re still robots and can’t get it right all the time, but sometimes they do and when you let one in they just flood your message board with fake comments.

WordPress has caught 200 spams this month, this is an increase of 100% from the last month.  This increase of spams is due to a word I used “women” in my last post.  Fake commentators were with female names.

Thought I would make this post to give you a heads up if you haven’t already been made aware of it.


9 thoughts on “A message to blog site owners

  1. So Salko imagine the number of false comments if you wrote the word “po?n” …. So the number of spams would rise till the thousand 😀 😀


  2. True. I was in a shopping centre today in a barber shop waiting to get a haircut, what ever’s left of it. I opened my phone out of boredom and I got spammed immediately with a false prize giveaway. That’s the modern world we live in.


  3. Good heads up, Salko.

    My blog is assaulted with at least 1000 spam comments per month but the wonderful Akismet plug-in spam catcher is nearly foolproof. Since I moderate all comments that are not stopped by Akismet, I can still reject the rare spam that made it past Akismet, and thus keep all garbage off my site.

    Worse are the endless emails requesting to “guest write” on my blog because the topic of their site is, they say, so very much in sync with my blog. Of course, it turns out that their sites are either bogus click-through selling schemes, or deal with unrelated topics such as granite counter tops.

    I get many emails asking for advice on woodworking matters, and I am happy to reply to all legitimate inquiries. However, I will not reply to requests written by jerks completely lacking in manners, who, for example, do not even address me by name, or take the time to write a reasonably coherent question.

    Ugh, the internet is a jungle with lots of good and lots of bad, so we writers must protect ourselves at all times.

    And congratulations to you on a very fine and informative site. Best wishes,


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    1. After having read your article on A2 blades you and I are of the same opinion. I have also covered this topic in the second Issue. I also agree with you that 33° is the best angle for these these blades, anything less there is a significant chance of chipping.


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