Hey moron did I pass?

I got an email yesterday from someone saying I didn’t make those mistakes on purpose. Seriously, do you have nothing better to do with your life than call people liars?  Just to prove mines bigger than yours I made some new dovetails. Well moron did I pass? Am I a craftsman now?  Will you be sending me a merits badge? You should be happy I named the pictures after you, moron_1 and moron_2.

I know I should ignore people like that but today was a test of patience day and I ran on empty.



9 thoughts on “Hey moron did I pass?

  1. Ahhhh…. Mechanically clean, well constructed. But, … [the big “B.U.T.”] that very powerful grain structure demands a different joint. Look how distracting the grain angles are. And, really? The whole idea of angled sidewalls just screams “chalk on slate black board”. (You do remember?) Straight vertical grain must have clean, aligned transitions to the next face.

    If you must have dovetails, then make them blind with miters.


    1. It’s only structural pine that was left over from the planter box project. I was using them as cauls until I decided to do some experiments with hide glue. This sort of timber is real nasty crap. The guts fell out even with freshly sharpened chisels. Only a scraper got the end grain somewhat smooth, not even a fifty degree bevel on a low angle would work.

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