Apologies to all

I want to apologise to all my readers of HANDWORK for not releasing the third issue in a timely fashion.  It’s very hard to do so because of my current job. It’s a juggling act and the balls are falling all over the place.

Writing this magazine is probably the best thing I have ever ventured into. I know firsthand the benefits in terms of knowledge I have personally gained, and the many benefits others have gained according to the emails of support I have received since releasing the first issue.

It’s not easy by any stretch of the imagination.  Dedicating the time needed to build then write about the build is most difficult.

As we near Christmas things get busy at work and I may have to work 7 days a week for the next couple of months.  It’s crazy I know and the money isn’t so incredible either.  It sure is no way to live.

I’ve started this magazine with good intentions and I had no idea that its popularity would rise so quickly.  May be because it’s free or may be this is what people really want.  But it isn’t possible for me on my own to continue the way I am without ending up in a hospital bed due to exhaustion and being financially strained as well, even though, I’m working inhumane hours to do both and be expected to not walk around looking like a zombie or end up being a corpse.

I have given this much thought and I think I ought to take a leap of faith, go out on a limb and turn it into a business and work it full time. Ha! easier said then done due to lack of finance. Giving up my job till I can earn enough from the magazine if any for that matter to sustain my household is a big risk I’m not willing to take.  Instead, I would like to take baby steps. With that I mean setting a price on the fourth issue.  With the income earned from that I can expand and pay contributing authors for the fifth issue. The money earned from subsequent issues I can begin with some prize giveaways and I’m not talking about some cheap shabby cruddy cheap tool either.  I’m not going to be stingy about any of this.

If you’re all willing to give this a shot, we will have a good hand tool only woodworking magazine.  I cannot do this without your support. The price I’m contemplating to be around US$5.00. Please don’t gruel me out for charging in US dollars as Veritas is a Canadian company and they only charge online in US dollars as their dollar isn’t worth much just like the Aussie dollar.  I think this price is fair and much less than current woodworking magazines on the market.

Let me know your thoughts it would be interesting to hear them.

P.S. All the articles besides the moulding plane build is finished. I have just begun writing the article because I have finished the build only last week.  Yes I know its been slow but blame it on my job and also blame it on the high cost of shipping O1 tool steel.  The shipping costs are twice and in some cases three times the price of the steel.  I’ve also devoured just about every engineering place in my locality hoping to lower the costs a bit and they too made a hefty profit from me.  I wore the cost. So what I’m saying is that I had to stash a little aside every week just to pay the high costs of shipping and there’s the conversion rate and credit card fees on top. Geez have I missed any other fees?


9 thoughts on “Apologies to all

  1. G’day Salko, I’m of the belief that you are far to hard on your-self. What you’ve done in the given time span, truly amazes me. Please do what ever sits best with your good self. And yes I would be prepared to pay for the context of what I’ve read. Decent education rarely comes free. All the best Peter

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  2. I’d actually never heard of this site until a friend of mine pointed it out. How did I miss this? $5.00 for this much content in a magazine is nothing! Please take my money! I would love to have this become more of a regular thing. I was looking for a magazine that address woodworking with hand tools specifically. Good stuff. Great work. Also nice moron dovetails.

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  3. Please take care of yourself. I would like you to be able to continue doing this for a while and not burn out in a spectacular blaze of glory. I’d say, go for continued quality and don’t worry about any kind of schedule. Produce issues when they are ready. I’ll be happy to pay you five bucks each as they appear.

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    1. Thanks mate and I think your right. Having a subscription I feel isn’t the right way to go being a one man show and all. It’s just a lot unnecessary pressure and like you said its about quality and not so much production quantity. If we’ve gained anything from hand tools its just that.


  4. I like your calling. I feel better when pushing a plane or pulling a Japanese plane. Chopping dovetails, i have since learned to use a saw to cut most of the ‘waste’ from the sockets. Have tried to view you Magazine, only get at the cover nothing else, What am I doing wrong..

    Stay health and do not ley a schedule screw up you activities, publish when you can, “us” wood-butchers call wait for info, train and just liking the visual appeal!


    1. Thanks for letting me know. Issue II has been out since August and I posted the link but I didn’t know I forgot to also link it in that category as well. Go back to that category the is available now


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