Make Your Own Liquid Hide – Results

If you remember my previous post I was making my own batch of liquid hide glue.

The results have turned out better than expected.  Tack time is about 4 mins and I really didn’t get much more from OBG. I ripped,jointed and edge glued the same beech and let it sit for an hour.  An hour is never usually long enough time as no glue can cure within that short time span, but it shocked that I couldn’t break the join.  What’s even more surprising that the glue dried clear! See for yourselves. The join is in the middle.


Then I edge glued pine and the squeeze out was a light transparent brown colour. When I wiped it off, there’s  no dark colour on the glue joint. Again, see for yourselves.


Here’s what it looks like in the bottle.


As you can see it looks no different than any liquid hide on the market.

It’s ironic though that it dries clear,and I’m suspecting the urea must have had something to do with that.  Tomorrow night I’ll see where the pine will break and if it’s successful as I think it should be,I’ll be making my own batch of LH from then on.

I wonder though how long the shelf life will be.




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