Issue III release date notice


Finally it’s finished, all the articles completed, edited over and over again. This was a big project for me as the moulding planes article was a toughie to write about.  I needed to provide enough description without putting you to sleep and make it easy enough to follow.  I think I have accomplished both and I believe you will be able to make any h&r using a simpler method than the traditional British and American approach.  I have covered many aspects of the build and the reasoning behind the numbering system.

I’m sorry it took so long, but I think you will agree it was worth the wait.

As you can see I’ve also made some minor changes. Hope you like it.

As always I would like to thank Matt McGrane our magazine’s contributing editor. I would be lost without him.

Issue III release date is on Saturday 4th November 2017.

Yes, it is free

7 thoughts on “Issue III release date notice

  1. Excellent, Salko. And I LOVE the look of the front cover pictured above. But I hate to tell you this; there’s a typo on the front cover. Explanantion! Hope you can fix that before release.


  2. It may be to early to say “well done” but judging from the past issues, the to-be-released issue won’t disappoint its readers.

    A quick question: Is the latest issue completed or still in the editing stage?
    If everything is ready, there is a follow-up question: If it is ready for sharing, why is it not released now or what is the purpose of holding it?


    1. That’s a great valid question Richard. Yes it’s complete but I want go over it a few times everyday to make sure everything is in order. I may miss something today and pick up on it tomorrow. I don’t know that happens but it does with me. I think it’s called rushing my work.


      1. Just like how I missed typing in the word “how”. I think faster than I type plus to be honest, I can’t type this is why you see stupid spelling mistakes. I press two letters on my keyboard accidently instead of one or I’m typing in the dark and I press the wrong letter and I don’t pick up on it because my brain corrected the word. I wonder if I should do a blog on this.


  3. Just a helpful note that ‘explanation’ and ‘amateur’ are spelt wrongly. Part of the editing process really should be checking for typographical errors and spell checking, it really is very annoying when you hit spelling mistakes in publications.


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