How to fix a wonky Auger bit

I wish I had of taken a photo of the auger bit prior to the fix, but I didn’t think of writing about it till it was too late.


Just because it’s an antique or vintage doesn’t mean it’s flawless. This set of Irwin auger bits is pretty good, but far from flawless.  I bought this set years ago and haven’t used them much in all this time.

Anyway, I remembered that I had a bit 3/8″ that wasn’t straight and of course it’s always the one that is used more than others or at least second to the 1/4″. The shaft was bent and pretty much I might add.  Maybe someone dropped it, either way it needs fixing.

On the metal part of my lathe which is now serving as an anvil until my luck runs out, I tapped it straight with a rubber mallet they use in panel beating.  (This mallet is pretty good and will not leave a mark on wood not matter how hard you hammer it.) I would hammer a couple of times and check the bit by eye. Once it looks straight, I would finish it by hammering whilst turning the bit 360°.


This is the result.



I chucked it in the brace and held the bit and brace vertical while slowly turning the bit. No wobble, good news, it’s not a bin job. It’s fixed.

Issue III has finally been released as you all know and there has been a lot of downloads, but zero feedbacks.

Hope this post helps someone.


6 thoughts on “How to fix a wonky Auger bit

  1. Salko, lovely case of bits. Can you not find a lump of metal at the local scrappies/ car breakers, for an anvil ? I feel for your lathe !! Loved the Issue 3 and 1+2 come to that, good work. Thank you.

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    1. I’m after a proper anvil that’s been forged a good 50 pound dense anvil.
      I’m not striking the lathe hard at all, but I don’t like striking it at all. You do make a good point though, and thanks for the feedback much appreciated.


  2. “Issue III has finally been released as you all know and there has been a lot of downloads, but zero feedbacks.”

    Where do you expect to find feedback, here on the blog, or on Facebook? I left early feedback here a few days ago. Since I’m an old “fuddy-duddy” I see Facebook as a total waste of electrons, space and energy. It’s fine for the flighty narcissists who can’t be bothered with more than a few shallow “look at me” postings, but not for anything serious.
    From a marketing point of view (marketing things via the www), FB and the rest of the social media platforms have been found to be far worse performers than other marketing media. Sales come first from email marketing, then from dedicated resources, next from blogs, leaving FB and other social media dead last in effectiveness. Yes, FB should be part of any campaign to sell things, but use it to make people aware, not to seriously engage them or call them to action.

    I am VERY pleased with Issue III, specifically with the how-to articles.

    I already have a collection of hand made lightweight cam clamps, and find them incredibly useful for small projects. They are very lightweight, making them very much easier to set and use than their heavier cousins. The cam clamp article is ideal for anyone wanting more of these clamps. The article guides one smoothly through making them. They really are easy to make, so easy that you´ll likely make more than you need.

    For me, the highlight of this issue were the H&R articles. I have a ragged partial set of H&Rs and need to fill in a few gaps.Your article on making H&R planes is so thorough that I’m confident it has enough information to assure success. I clearly have not had enough time since publishing to actually make a plane, or even to gather some of the materials, but I’m confident that your article will guide me to success when the time comes to build.

    THANKS for all the hard work that goes into creating the magazine!


    1. Thanks for the feedback Bob, I’m glad you’re enjoying the mag and finding it useful.
      I too agree about FB, but a lot of marketing gurus swear by it. I personally haven’t found it to be useful of any kind, not personal or business wise. I do believe that women have a lot more success selling their creams and other girly items on FB than other product.
      The H&R I covered are only for the no.4 to no.1. The build is slightly different from no.5 through to no.18. I’m currently writing for the fourth Issue on building the no.12.


  3. G’day Salko, am writing because of your comment of lack of feed back. Personally, If a article is in my eyes, worthy of reading for education. I save it, then come back and read/study it. This you should see as a compliment. I take in information, slower than the average person. This should be viewed as a compliment. As your writings are long with reams of information. The other general reason, I don’t wish to UN-dually waste people’s time. I don’t piss in peoples pockets. You provide so much valuable information. It is very much appreciated.PS. I am not in the sheep’s habit of pressing ( like ) button.
    So it is the length and mass of differn’t valuable topics, as to why I’ve not responded.
    Hope you read this as the lignite positive feed back, as it is meant to be,
    Gratefully yours Peter

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    1. Thanks Peter I’m glad your benefitting from the magazine. I guess there’s no need to change anything then as people seems to be happy with it as it is. I have so many ideas of new topics to cover that I don’t know where to start.


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