An Extract Project from “The Lost Scrolls of HANDWORK” Magazine

Thank you very much to those who have purchased the magazine. The number of downloads when it was free was in the thousands in fact, it was about 10,000 downloads and progressively rising. Unfortunately, not this time round and not even close if it was I would be able to work on the magazine full time and begin investing in it to make it the best I humanly possibly can. Sadly, though I have to go back to work tonight as I took two weeks off without pay to get the magazine out.  Even if I didn’t charge for it, it’s not in my nature to renege on a promise.

Here is a small extract from the latest issue of our magazine. It’s from the Jewellery Box Project.

extract page 33_Page_34

extract page 33_Page_35


12 thoughts on “An Extract Project from “The Lost Scrolls of HANDWORK” Magazine

  1. I wish you success.

    But woodworkers (many) are cheap and they like freebies. Head over to the Popular Woodworking blog and see for yourself: Their blog posts usually receive no comment; the occasional 4 or 5 comments are considered a lot! But when a post is about free books (you enter a comment to have a chance to win a book), you will see 30 or more energetic responses. It never fails.

    Your $5 an issue is almost double the price for a digital Pop Woodworking ($2.86; with revenue from ads). Even Pop Woodworking is seeing a drop in subscription; don’t hold your breath that many visitors to that site would be your customers.

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    1. Thanks Richard for your insight. I feel that I have priced it fairly low making it cheaper than any woodworking magazine that I know of. I’ve never seen popular woodworking magazine to be sold at $2.86. I like their magazine and have bought several issues from them in the past. As for their subscriptions dropping I cannot speak on that topic because no one really knows what the truth is other than themselves.


  2. Your price isn’t high per se because you have no ad revenue to subsidize the costs. The $2.86 per issue is digital, not the paper copy, just in case I wasn’t clear.


    1. You were clear I understood perfectly but I haven’t seen $2.86 digital copies anywhere. I bought digital versions of popular and paid about $10 for it.
      Who in their right mind would do all that work and then sell it for a couple of bucks.


  3. Sorry the economics have not worked out as you hoped, at least not so far. I downloaded issues 1-3 and bought #4. I am not done reading it yet, but am satisfied with my purchase. This in an ambitious project. If (when) you put out another issue, I will buy it. Good Luck!

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    1. Lol ok but that’s due to a 59% off still if you look at iTunes Store the price is normal retail. Amazon has all these funny quirks too good to be true offers provided you accept something of theirs in return. They offered me free shipping and when I took them up on their offer they charged me full shipping rates and got bum steered through countless emails never speaking to the same person twice. Bottom line is I ain’t, will not do this for a couple of dollars. My price is fair.


  4. “Who in their right mind would do all that work and then sell it for a couple of bucks.”
    I don’t know if they recover their full costs from the paper subscription, if they do, then every digital subscription is net profit. Even $1 per digital subscription is good, let alone $2.86 in that scenario.

    I have a friend in DVD production and he said those DVDs selling $15 a piece is dirt cheap if you just count the material cost. In other days, once the breakeven point is reached, they could sell the same DVD for $5 or $3 and still make a decent profit based on volume. This is the same as any digital material once the breakeven point is crossed.


  5. I only came across your blog and magazine a couple of days ago.

    I’m in the same boat as another of your commenters: just downloaded the three free issues, liking what I’m seeing from your content so far, and will buy volume 4 today. You have some delightful and interesting work in there and on the website.

    Etsy UK price is £4.51 which seems fair to me. It’s an interesting take on the USD to GBP exchange rate. I’m not sure whether the U.K. has Value Added Tax on magazines… probably.

    I hope you decide to keep going with the magazine.


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