Shaping The Sole Of A Moulding Plane Part 4

In this video I show you how to make a ramp and explain what it’s purpose is.


2 thoughts on “Shaping The Sole Of A Moulding Plane Part 4

  1. Hello Salko,
    after your journey through the profile planes: Perhaps you might enlighten a question a woodworker is wondering about.

    This is from a german hand tool woodworking forum.
    The question is: Why are there profiles on the sides of the planes?

    Suggestions are:
    – Just for itself; as a decoration.
    – Each maker has it’s own style of decoration and therefore it works as an disctinctive makers mark (even when they are mass-produced).
    – Kind of a depth stop to check your works progress: hold the side of the plane against the work and use the profile as a guideline.



    1. I have explained in one of the videos the purpose of these decors, I’m sorry I don’t remember in which video, but I will try to briefly explain it here. Each decor is obviously different in each country. They not only serve as being aesthetically pleasing to the eye, but more importantly pleasing to the touch. Imagine you had a moulding plane that was boxy with hard corners. Those corners would dig into the palm of your hand as you push the plane. You can imagine how painful that would be, I know because I experienced it. In the case of those planes, the answer would be the very same with the exception of, different country, different maker’s mark, but essentially all for the very same reasons. It’s about safety, comfort of use combined with aesthetics.
      I hope this answers you question.


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