ISSUE VI Release this Weekend!



I never thought I would get it done but I have a great team member Matt McGrane, without him it wouldn’t even get off the ground.  I want to thank Ron Aylor for his contributing a great article “An Ambitious Endeavour” Ron is a long time unplugged woodworker from Virginia.

Man ‘m so tired from a 14 hour shift that I will keep this short. The Release will be on Saturday 15th December 2018.  Every release from here on out will fall on a Saturday.

This time the number of pages hasn’t been blown out of proportion, so this time you will feel like you’re reading a magazine and not an encyclopedia.

Also Old hand tools is offering a 10% discount of all their tools not including shipping for our readers only. This will be valid from 14 Dec. 2018 – 12 Jan. 2019. You must enter LOSTSCROLLS10 as the voucher code in the box at checkout.

From Matt and myself we would like to wish everyone a happy holidays or Merry Christmas to those who celebrate it and happy and safe new year.

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