Happy New Year

Another year has gone by with several issues released. Matt and I have been working relentlessly to make a hand tool woodworking magazine a reality.  With daily challenges in our own private lives, writing up a woodworking magazine of this size hasn’t been easy. But that’s the nature of our craft and life in general. Nothing in life is easy and never will be.

I have many desires of various projects I would like to tackle and include into the magazine. I know some may never happen due to the high costs involved, but you never know. Maybe I will win the lotto and I’ll have cubes of various species of lumber neatly stacked in a storage shed of my own and tons of free give away tools and even selling antique tools at affordable prices. You never know what life may throw at ya.

All I want to say is, a happy new year to everyone. Thank you for your support and motivation that helped The Lost Scrolls of HANDWORK turn from an idea into a reality. Thank you to those who kindly donated towards the material costs. So far $95.00 has been raised. Remember all donations received will go towards the purchasing of timber for the projects of the magazine only.  Any tools that I may need will come out of my own pocket. I wouldn’t ask if timber wasn’t so bloody expensive.

Once more I wish you all a safe, happy and prosperous new year. May you all forgive my short comings, and may all presidents and prime ministers around the world, come together at the Summit of Jimmy Carter’s workshop. And learn about peace through the art of woodworking from this great former president and fellow woodworker.
Take care all


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