Stepping away but not running away

Life usually gets in the way and stops you from doing the things you most enjoy, like for most of us woodworking.

For some of us, making a living from the craft isn’t what we want, as it can easily turn into a high pressure job of getting it out the door yesterday. Then there are those who are struggling to make ends meet. Even though I built clocks for as long as I did, I still struggled with the pressure I just mentioned. I wouldn’t really call that living the dream of any sort, but I worked wood and loved that part only.

Being a hobbyist all over again is a welcoming experience. I make what I want, when I want and can take as long as I want. Well, that’s the positive aspects of it. The downside is finding the time to do it. Sometimes you can have a project sit on your bench for months before you get around to it. Then comes the part of not being able to afford the materials for whatever project you had in mind. Some species of woods are better to work with than others, but isn’t so cost friendly. These are the major drawbacks of being an amateur. This is where I’m at, at the moment.

I wore it financially as long as I could and I can’t afford it no more. I’ve taken on extra shifts making it now working 7 days a week. The shifts are 14 hours per day, to help bring some financial normality back to my life. This doesn’t mean that I will neglect my commitment to you. What it means is that I’ll try and fit some time before or after work to cover the projects in the magazine. But I can’t give nor even speculate a time frame of how long will it be between issues.

The magazine is free but donations are needed.


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