Working Hard on Issue VII


I can’t believe we’re already on the seventh Issue. I’ve been at it hard, building, photographing and writing and Matt’s been at it even harder trying to make sense of my words, but it’s all for you guys and gals. It’s the love of the craft, but more importantly it’s our love for sharing knowledge that continues to motivate us. There’s no monetary incentive for either of us, just sheer passion.

The work bench is cluttered with tools and wood that will be the feature project in the upcoming Issue. I called it the Ottoman Shoe Shelf. It’s 15 3/4″ in height and 30’ long. It has raised panels, mortise and tenons, through wedged tenons, scroll work, grooves for the panels etc. It will challenge you.  I have really taken a liking to ancient Arabian furniture and will build more similar items based on that theme in the future. The shoe shelf is not a copy of any historically based shoe shelf, instead it’s my design.

I cannot say for sure when the next issue will be released because of work, but all I can say is I’m working hard and Matt’s working hard to get it done, and when it’s done, we’ll start work on the issue after that.

One last thing, share the magazine with as many websites and people you can.

Cheers from down under.

5 thoughts on “Working Hard on Issue VII

  1. I really enjoy reading your magazine. For me personally it has more oomph than the standard current woodworking magazines on the market. You are one man and yet you’ve managed to stand and be counted among other big named magazines, that’s impressive Salko! I know it’s tough with work. Keep it up.

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