Sharpening Bandsaw Blades the easy way

I’ve come across this fantastic tip from an old FWW mag April 1994 issue no. 105 on sharpening a bandsaw blade. With bandsaw blades costing $77 for three crappy carbides which lasts about five resaws, I thought this tip should put a smile on many faces. I will cut through the usual intro jargon and cop the main points.

“Take the blade off, turn it inside out and replace it on the wheels with the hooks up. Using a carbide rotary file mounted in a Dremel grinder, grind the hook and top of each tooth. Hold the grinder straight to the front, as shown in. The sketch. No odd angles are needed. Support the grinder on a book or scrap of wood. Set the grinder to just below maximum rpm.

The technique works well on the 4 tpi, 3/4 inch blades I commonly use, but it gets a bit tedious on smaller blades with finer teeth.”

John Grew-Sheridan, SAN Francisco, Calif.

Hopefully this tip work well and we get a few sharpenings before the blades need replacing.

One thought on “Sharpening Bandsaw Blades the easy way

  1. Makes sense – – and use a diamond burr for sharpening carbide or induction-hardened teeth like Highland’s WoodSlicer? It’s nice to see that name, John Grew-Sheridan. In the ’80’s and ’90’s he and his wife were very active designers, makers, and generous teachers.


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