Curved Scraper Is Amazing

After working two weeks straight 14 hours a day, I finally have a day off. While some would put their feet up, I’m busy in my shop catching up with back log of tasks.

I’ve been meaning to try out Christopher Schwarz new discovery of curved scrapers. I printed off his template and grinded away. After turning the curves I polished both edges on a 1000 grit stone then finished the honing on my 8000 grit stone. On my other scrapers I will use wet n dry sandpaper as the card scraper leaves grooves in the stones.

To cut a long story short I burnished the faces and edges and then turned the burr. Look at the results.

Without flexing the card scraper I was able to get shavings. The tool is now comfortable to hold and use. Prior to the conversion I was not able to scrape Radiata pine but, look now

Without a problem it made shavings. I don’t know why rounding the corners transformed a good tool into the best tool I ever used ( Now I sound like Schwarz) but it is much better than it was before.

5 thoughts on “Curved Scraper Is Amazing

  1. These are great, I’ve discovered this method when I had a hard time planing oak with kanna plane (against the grain the oak was breaking / ripping), but with this I got more control over the direction / angle / pressure applied to the wood. The only downside is that it is difficult to stay on the perfect plane on the long planks (but that could be me not using the tool correctly).


  2. The middle of your scraper is straight still and covers the wood you are testing on. Really no difference from a straight scraper except the added length gives something to grip.

    The crucible scraper is a continuous curve that would be useful for scraping a chair seat. That being said, a woodworker would be best served by grinding a scraper to their needs rather than trying to buy a match.


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