Issue VII June 2019 OUT NOW!

Just how Matt and I do it even amazes me. Where there is a will there is always a way.

We’re very excited to bring you another new release Issue VII after many months of silence but hard work behind the scenes.  We also cut the number of pages from over 100 to something more reasonable under 30. The digital plans for the Ottoman Style Shoe Shelf are available in my Etsy Store.

Now for an important announcement:

The cost of producing “The Lost Scrolls of Handwork” has reached a point that is beyond one man’s income. Of the seven issues released to date, six have been free of charge. I thought it would be possible to continue providing a free magazine but as it stands, I can no longer burden my family with the cost. I hope you can understand my predicament. Beginning with Issue 8, I will start charging US$5.00 for the magazine, and it will be available through Etsy.
The magazine has grown and improved since it was first released in June 2017 and it can continue to grow with your support. Please consider purchasing future issues to help ensure the magazine – and our craft – continue.


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