World’s largest wooden clock


I’ve always hated using battery powered movements in my clocks and have long waited for the day I started making my own mechanical movements. Retirement came sooner than did a Sherwood mini metal working lathe and mill.

The first movements made and used were made out of wood, much like you see in the above photo.  Making a wooden geared clock has been on my to do bucket list for a very long time. They aren’t as accurate as a German made Hermle mechanical movement, but if precisely made they can be off by minute. Which isn’t bad at all. I know I could live with that. Could you?

A grandfather or mother clock are on that bucket to do list. But I have others that need ticking off first.


Btw Kevin Bird a fellow Aussie in Western Australia made this world’s largest wooden clock. It took him 4 years in the making of this wonderful piece of work. He’s donated the clock to his local town in the hope it will attract tourism.

Good on ya mate.

2 thoughts on “World’s largest wooden clock

  1. Very nice work.
    I admire the quality of the work done and the perseverance but, isn’t the challenge in clock making to make them very small? Although big clock must have their specific challenges.


    1. I think making a wooden geared clock of this size would prove to be more of a challenge than a wall size clock. Because when sawing these gears by hand you have to be precise, and sawing these super large gears accurately would prove a challenge even to the best sawyers. The more I think about these clocks the bigger the urge to make one.


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