Upgrading the Magazine

Your heads must be spinning with all the changes, I know mine is, but that’s all part of growth.

Plans were not free with the magazine, but I have decided that they should be. So, they are now part of every new purchase. With every purchase you’ll get the plans free. With all the other magazines they include their plan as drawings on their page. If you wanted a proper fully detailed drawings you need to purchase it from them. Mine is free with purchase of the magazine. I think this is fair.

I have emailed the plans to everybody who made a purchase of the latest Issue and the previous Issue IV. Those who put fake emails have dipped out. I will never email you unless I really, really have to.

To move on. Some were surprised to see a price tag on the latest Issue. I have made the announcement in the previous issue in the “To Our Reader” Here is a copy of what I wrote:

The cost of producing “The Lost Scrolls of Handwork” has reached a point that is beyond one man’s income. Of the seven issues released to date, six have been free of charge. I thought it would be possible to continue providing a free magazine but as it stands, I can no longer burden my family with the cost. I hope you can understand my predicament. Beginning with Issue 8, I will start charging US$5.00 for the magazine, and it will be available through Etsy. The magazine has grown and improved since it was first released in June 2017 and it can continue to grow with your support. Please consider purchasing future issues to help ensure the magazine – and our craft – continue.

I wanted this magazine to be a community based magazine that would be freely available to everyone interested in the craft. Seeing that no one other than Matt McGrane would devote an iota of their time towards the magazine, it forced me to solely shoulder the responsibility of not only writing all the articles, but shoulder all the associated i.e. material costs in doing so. I wore these costs as long as I could, but can no longer do so. Timber comes from trees, but unfortunately money doesn’t. I want this magazine to be a self-supporting magazine, this is the only way to ensure its growth and survival.  I have no money I can pour into this magazine. I must do what I can with the little I have and so far I think with Matt’s help I’ve done a lot. My gratitude always goes out to Matt, without his editing skills there would be many people scratching their heads what am I trying to say.

The magazine will be US$5.00 with the plans included in every Issue that comes out from now on.

I may not produce an Issue in a timely fashion only due that I work 14 hours a day, but I produce and have produced eight issues in a two-year period. I think given the circumstances that’s an achievement to be proud of.

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