This beautiful deluxe version of our popular Ultimate hand brace has a smooth black gunmetal finish shaft which looks striking against the solid brass elements and the fine grained Kotibe wood handles.

These superb quality hand braces will accept both brace shanked and hexagonal machine shanked augers (square shanks engage a square hole behind the chuck and the jaws reach around to grab the shank).

A three position ratchet mechanism allows the brace to be used in situations where there isn’t space available to swing the crank through a full revolution (also handy when using it with sockets or screwdriver bits).

Length 360mm (14″)

Throw 120mm (4-3/4″)

Jaw Capacity 3.5mm to 16mm.

Not suitable for very short shanked spoon bits.

I’m not an advocate for the above business nor do they sponsor me etc, etc, etc. 

I am posting this link because it is so awesome to see quality hand tools coming back on the market and beautiful ones too. We, the hand tool users have created a market for hand tools to be manufactured again.  As the price of some antique tools are costing more than the price of a new one,and, most times are not any better than a new one,  it makes sense to buy new over used. Just a thought.

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